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Intermediate of Computer Sciences (ICS)

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The Intermediate of Computer Sciences (ICS) program aims to provide students with general education in many aspects of Computer Science and Software Development.

Revolutionize the way we live…

The Intermediate of Computer Science (ICS) program provides a general education in many aspects of Computer Science and Software Development. Computers have revolutionized the way we live today.

Most facets of our lives depend, to a greater or lesser degree, on computers. From telephone systems to security systems, accounting to marketing, baby monitors to auto-pilot options, every industry, every household and every office is looking to automate itself by means of new technology and new software.

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After completing Intermediate of Computer Science (ICS) student can pursue degree in BS (Hons) Computer Science from Hajvery University (HU).

What Our Students Say

“I enjoyed every second of my stay at the Hajvery

University College (HUC). The things I liked best were the intelligent and highly qualified professors, caring and loving staff members, and regular practice of transcendental meditation. The program offers state-of-the art classes to help boost the career of Computer Professionals.

Part I Part II Obj Sub Practical Total
English English 20+20 80+80 200
Urdu Urdu 20+20 80+80 200
Islamiyat Pak Studies 10+10 40+40 100
Computer Science Computer Science 17+17 68+68 15+15 200
Mathematics Mathematics 20+20 80+80 200
Statistics Statistics 17+17 68+68 15+15 200