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Mission Statement

Hajvery University is committed to providing affordable and accessible quality undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs, national and international in scope. Our commitment to providing affordable education is without the slightest compromise on the standards. HU as an organization derives strength from life and work of Sufi Saint Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh Hajvery; he dedicated his life to the liberation of mind and enriched the lives of millions during the 11th century. Within his aspirations lied our inspirations. It is after him that this prestigious educational institution is named; we wished to uphold and remain true to our cultural values. Our pride lies in the intertwined cultures of this land and we strive to strengthen and spread awareness about the grandeur of it. .In our humble authority we strive to enrich the lives and liberate the youth whom we come to interact with.


We endeavor to inspire, nurture, and educate the human spirit. The undergraduate and graduate and doctoral degree programs allow students to achieve competence in their disciplines, allow them to explore a broad curriculum which incorporates:

  • Gathering and critically analyzing information from a variety of platforms, filter them and to use that information as a basis for reasoned judgments
  • To synthesize diverse ideas and information, paving the way of innovation holds unparalleled motivation and addiction. We strive to provide a platform for students upon which they can grow and outshine
  • The ability to understand and convey ideas clearly and comprehensively

University Administration:

Will endeavour to enrich the lives of whom they interact with as an extension of this University. HU administration actively seek the resources which support the mission of this institution, as stated in this document. Secure funding to support scholarship, faculty and staff development, and state-of-the-art facilities. Provide leadership and work towards materializing the institution’s achievement of its mission and vision. Monitor and administer the policies of the university in a fair, ethical, impartial manner. Communicate the vision, mission, goals, achievements, and difficulties of the institution in a clear, forthright manner to all the stake holders.

University Staff:

Will endeavour to enrich the lives of whom they interact with as an extension of this university. Support the mission of the University in their interaction with students, staff, faculty, administrators, and the public. Maintain a positive, just, and equitable workplace. Be a quality workforce equipped with appropriate skills and knowledge.

University Faculty:

Will endeavour to enrich the lives of whom they interact with as an extension of this university. Remain current in their respective fields and use that expertise in the educational process as appropriate. Improve instruction through the use of innovative teaching methods, which allow students to become actively involved in the learning process, and develop the constructive critical thinking necessary for life-long learning. Contribute to the pool of knowledge through scholarly and research activities. Actively engage and mentor students; help them to navigate through a rapidly changing society. Regularly review the curriculum and suggest necessary changes to meet changing needs.

Corporate sector:

We are always on board to create a corporate synergy to empower our youth. May it be Universities from around the globe or industry specific organizations: Pharmaceuticals, IT firms, Banks, Engineering firms, Fashion and Textile industries, Accountancy Firms, Media and from other platforms who seek to harness their potential as we do. Grounded in the belief that the youth of the nation are the very architects of the nation. To give them the competitive advantage, the edge to create the difference between leaders or followers is the focal point of this organization.